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Pond and Grounds:


            The Springville Field and Stream Club Pond and grounds on Buffalo Rd. is open to the public for fishing, April 1st To Sept. 30th. The pond is stocked annually by the NYS D.E.C. Pond Grounds are maintained by member volunteers.


Pond Rules and Bag Limit:

1.         Fishing for Children Under 18 Years of Age.

2.         Bag Limit – 3 Trout per day.

3.         Pond Hours – Sunrise to Sunset.

4.         Rules Governing the Use of Bait: Flies and worms only bait to be used.

5.         Wading in the pond or the use of boats on the pond is forbidden.

6.         No littering.

7.         No fires to be built on this property or surrounding lands.

8.         No overnight camping.

9.         Damaging of trees or shrubbery on this property is strictly forbidden.

10.       Rules as listed above, and the provisions of conservation laws shall govern use of this pond.

11.      18 and over fish and release only.

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